Embrace Your Quirks; Keep Doing You!


With the underlying assumption that we are inadequate or inferior to our peers, we are continually striving to reinvent ourselves. But oftentimes, the obsession with correcting our imperfections can become self-destructive. Ahead, we share five ways on how to embrace your quirkiness and love what makes you unique.

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Play By Play: Ed Sheeran’s “Divide”


Our favourite ginger teddy’s return to the music scene was no doubt one of the most highly anticipated events for fans and industry professionals alike. After a year long hiatus which saw him disappear from the public eye, the ‘Shape Of You’ hitmaker is back and better than before! In celebration of his new record Divide, here’s our play by play of the 16 tracks that some are calling Ed’s best work thus far.

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This App Lets You Find Love Based On Your Hates


Let’s face it, we all truly bond with another person when we can drop the niceties and talk about the things we mutually dislike. Well, now you can take things one step further and find love based on the things you hate, with the brand new dating app Hater!

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Photography Exhibition: ‘Women: New Portraits’ by Annie Leibovitz


As part of a global tour involving 10 cities, the Annie Leibovitz exhibition ‘Women: New Portraits’ has made its way to Singapore.  A continuation of a book project that was started in 1999 by Leibovitz and American writer Susan Sontag, the exhibition is a celebration of womenhood and is a reflection of the ever-changing roles of women today.

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