Review: Oblong @ Serangoon Gardens

Strawberry Shortcake Waffle with Cookies and Monster Ice Cream, drizzled over with Chocolate Sauce

Situated at the heart of Serangoon Gardens, Oblong serves up a splendid array of waffles with an even more impressive and unique array of ice cream flavors. Trust us, while it may not be the most accessible of places, it’s well worth it. Click on through to read about our experience at the cafe! 

Oblong Menu – Check out those really affordable prices!

Waffle Types – Red Velvet, Matcha, Tiramisu etc. I mean, come on!

Classic combo @ $10: Red Velvet Waffle with Rootbeer Float & Milo is a Dino Ice cream, drizzled over with Chocolate Sauce; served with a cup of Cafe Latte.
Served with cream cheese that really binds the whole dish together, the waffles are light and crispy and has a serving size that is perfect for one but also suitable for sharing.

Charcoal Waffle with Chocolate Almond Ice Cream, drizzled over with Chocolate Sauce

Given the growing popularity of the cafe, it’s best to go in the late morning early afternoon hours if you want a quiet laid back atmosphere while enjoying your waffle and beverage. Otherwise, there is pretty much a guaranteed crowd at night, especially after 8pm. The waiting times aren’t so bad, you can still expect to get your waffle within 10minutes. However, the staff tends to blast the music really loudly and it’s not really conducive for socializing, so be prepared to shout over it if you want to be heard by your friends.

Oblong is located at 10 Maju Ave, Singapore 556688

Opening Hours
Mondays to Thursdays: 12 pm – 12am
Fris & Sats: 12 pm – 2am
Sundays: 1pm – 12am

Telephone: 6858 2320

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