Here’s How You Can Start Doing Your Part For The Environment Today!


Every year on 22nd April, we celebrate Earth day, an affair that sees a multitude of activities organised to raise awareness for and support environmental protection. But saving the Earth is a continuous effort and has to be carried out on a daily basis – for starters, here are eight tips that will set you on the right track towards reducing your carbon footprint.

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Start Your Day Right With These Easy 5-Minute Breakfast Recipes

We’ve all heard the phrase that “breakfast is the most important meal of the day”. But sometimes, time isn’t on our side and we rush out of the house without having any breakfast. Not anymore though! Here are some breakfast recipes that you can whip up in just 5 minutes that will leave you feeling energised for the day ahead!

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5 Things To Remember When You Find Yourself In A Comparing Contest


Growing up, one of the most destructive habits we have is to constantly compare your life with those around you. It’s something we shouldn’t be doing, but we can’t help it and often find ourselves creating a lot of negative feelings within. But sometimes, the pressure comes from our own family members, making us feel completely broken inside. We understand how it is to feel like you’re not “good enough”, so here are 5 things to remember the next time you find yourself in a similar situation.

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Play By Play: Ed Sheeran’s “Divide”


Our favourite ginger teddy’s return to the music scene was no doubt one of the most highly anticipated events for fans and industry professionals alike. After a year long hiatus which saw him disappear from the public eye, the ‘Shape Of You’ hitmaker is back and better than before! In celebration of his new record Divide, here’s our play by play of the 16 tracks that some are calling Ed’s best work thus far.

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